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Guidance on how to use our design room and website

Design tips

Our artwork team have assembled the following tips to help you get the best out of our service and answer some of your most frequently occuring questions.

How to create using a template

Its so easy to create using one of our templates, click the link to find out how.

How to upload your image onto an item

From device to our design room, see how to upload an image by clicking the link now.

How to Get Best Results With Lots of Text

If you want to use a lot of text avoid the less clear fonts and go for a bold and simple font.

Image not Appearing on the Design Your Own Preview

If your image and text is not on the design your own preview when you submit your order then we won't receive your design. We'll never send a blank item so you'll receive an email asking for your design.

It is most likely that our on-line designer doesn't accept the artwork file format you are using. The most compatible formats are JPEG, PNG, or GIF,. It is likely that you will be easily be able to convert from your format to one of these using a 'save as' or 'export' format from the package you are using to generate your design.

We can, however, print from almost all formats so you can submit your artwork by email.

If in doubt use the special printing instructions box on the on-line designer to tell us you will be emailing your design details.

How to Get the Best From a Full Wrap Mug Design

Personalised mugs have the option of being printed 'Full Wrap'. This means we will print your image and text opposite the handle, as far round the mug as the artwork supplied will allow.

However, please remember that a square image will reach the bottom of the mug before it gets even half way around the mug. This will be accentuated if you have text under the image.

To get the best from a full wrap Personalised mug try to choose an image that is as wide as possible compared to it's height. If you want to add text try to enter one long line to reach around the mug and take up as little height as possible.

How to Order Multiple Items With Similar Designs

If you want to order clothing with the same design and apply it to different sized garments, e.g. for stag and hen do's, then simply design and order one item, and in the pop up window select the quantity required for each size. There is also a name and number function in the design room , perfect for designing sports kits.

How to Check Image Quality

We will expand your artwork to fit the available area on the item purchased. Although our artwork team have optimisation tools to help obtain the best print possible, the artwork supplied may not be good enough to produce a good quality print. If we don't feel that a quality print is possible they will send an email asking for alternative artwork.

It is possible to get an idea of the quality of printed artwork by following a simple procedure on your computer before you submit an image. Open the files you are going to send in something like 'windows picture and fax viewer' and zoom in until you think the image is about the size you think the actual print will be.

If you have followed this procedure and you don't like the look of the artwork blown up then you'll probably be disappointed with the printed product.

Image Appears Too Small or Off Centre in Preview

If your image and your artwork looks smaller than it should or is off centre this is possibly because your image has an area of white space surrounding it. Our system will see white space as much a part of the image as the bits we think are important. The result is that our system will include any the white space as part of the image and it will look as if it was smaller than it should be and possibly off center.

How do I know if my logo is suitable for embroidery?

Below is a guide to what can and can't be embroidered. Not all logos will be suitable - small text, gradients, fine detail are best avoided. There will additional charges for complex designs, If you are still unsure for any reason please contact us before placing your order.




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